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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

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Nose is a crucial aesthetic focal point, shapes our unique facial contours. For those facing challenges with nasal structure affecting both appearance and breathing, the premier Rhinoplasty Clinic in Mumbai offers expert solutions. Whether seeking enhanced beauty or addressing breathing issues from congenital defects or trauma, our skilled Nose Surgeon in Mumbai performs Rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’ or ‘nose reshaping.’ Enter the realm of transformative possibilities at the top Rhinoplasty Clinic in Mumbai, where skilled surgeons ensure swift, safe, and affordable procedures. Elevate facial aesthetics, rectify structural concerns, and breathe freely with the precision of Rhinoplasty in Mumbai – where lasting results are not just promised but delivered.

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Who can opt for Rhinoplasty treatment?

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai, is a sought-after treatment especially among individuals in the entertainment industry like models and actors who desire a distinct and refined appearance. However, this procedure is not limited to cosmetic enhancements. Those with nasal injuries or breathing difficulties can also consider rhinoplasty.
Rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai, practising at renowned rhinoplasty clinics, follow specific criteria before recommending this invasive procedure. Rhinoplasty may be recommended for:

Reducing an enlarged nose
Rectifying a deviated septum or nasal bone
Aligning the nasal bridge harmoniously with the face
Reshaping the tip of the nose
Narrowing the nasal base or nostrils
Reshaping large, flared nostrils
Refining the nose post-traumatic accidents
Smoothing out a bump or bulge on the nasal bridge
Correcting the nose width in proportion to the face

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rectifying a deviated septum or nasal bone

Aligning the nasal bridge with the face

Reshaping the tip of the nose

Narrowing the nasal base or nostrils

If you are considering a nose job in Mumbai, whether for aesthetic reasons or medical concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified nose surgeon. These professionals are experts in the field and can guide you through the process. Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a permanent alteration, so it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your desired outcome.
For individuals seeking top-notch rhinoplasty services, exploring reputable rhinoplasty clinics in Mumbai is crucial. These clinics, often staffed by the best rhinoplasty surgeons, prioritise patient satisfaction and safety.

What are the factors that the Oral Surgeon would confirm?

  1. Minimum 18 years older with a fully developed nose
  2. If you really have a deformed nose with breathing or aesthetic problems
  3. Pressure or any psychological issue
  4. If you are opting for the surgery at your own discretion and not due to peer
  5. Whether you are aware of the nose job cost in Mumbai and the different factors, it is based upon
  6. If you are tested negative for COVID-19 infection

Consultation with Oral Surgeon in Mumbai

During your initial consultation at our esteemed Rhinoplasty Clinic in Mumbai, our skilled cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly discuss your expectations and desired outcomes for the surgery. If deemed a suitable candidate, the surgeon will propose tailored treatment approaches to align with your goals. An essential aspect of this discussion is ensuring you have practical reasons for seeking a nose job and are mentally prepared for the transformative procedure.

Post-consultation, the surgeon will conduct a detailed examination of your nose to identify the underlying causes of its shape irregularities. This involves mapping your nasal structure through photographs and advanced CBCT scans, aiding in the precise planning of necessary surgeries. Typically, all required procedures are efficiently performed in a single session. You will then be prompted to choose a convenient date and time for your nose or jaw surgery.

To prepare you for the upcoming rhinoplasty, our surgeon will provide a personalised list of precautions to adhere to at least a week before the procedure. These guidelines cover various aspects, including medical and lifestyle factors such as refraining from painkillers, avoiding smoking and drinking, dietary adjustments, and more. For your convenience, our Rhinoplasty Clinic in Mumbai offers consultations at an affordable fee of approximately Rs. 1,500. This fee ensures you receive comprehensive guidance and information during your initial visit with our Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Mumbai.

The surgeon will give you a personalized list of precautions to follow from at least a week before the procedure. These usually include medical or lifestyle-related factors such as avoiding painkillers, smoking cigarettes, drinking, changes in diet, among other things. Your consultation charges will be approximately Rs. 1,500/- when you first visit our surgeon at Royal Cosmognathic Clinic.

What happens in a Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty procedures are commonly categorised as open or closed surgeries, a crucial consideration when seeking a Nose Surgeon in Mumbai.

Open Surgery:

  • Involves cutting the columella, located at the bottom of the central cartilage between the nostrils.
  • Enables the surgeon to make significant changes to the nasal structure.
  • Results in an external scar due to the visible incision.

Closed Surgery:

  • Involves incisions made internally within the nostrils.
  • Primarily used for minor corrections, ensuring invisible scars.
  • Leaves no external scars.

The choice between open and closed rhinoplasty depends on the extent of repair needed for your nose. A skilled Nose Surgeon in Mumbai will evaluate your specific requirements to determine the most suitable approach for achieving your desired results.

Irrespective of the chosen technique, rhinoplasty surgeries are typically conducted under either local or general anaesthesia. It is crucial to discuss these anaesthesia options and other pertinent factors with your selected nose surgeon before proceeding with rhinoplasty in Mumbai. Being well-informed about the surgical approach, potential changes, and the recovery process is essential for making informed decisions about your procedure.

Rhinoplasty Surgery will be performed in the following steps:

Step 1: The Incisions

Step 1: The IncisionsDepending on the chosen surgical approach, skilled surgeons at our esteemed rhinoplasty clinic in Mumbai delicately make incisions at the base of the columella or within the nostrils. This separation of skin layers from underlying soft tissues is a crucial initial phase.

Step 2: Different Types Of Nose Altering Procedures

Tailoring the procedure to individual needs, our best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai conducts various types of rhinoplasty procedures to achieve optimal results:

Tipoplasty: Addressing long or low noses with a broad, droopy tip and widened nostrils, this procedure modifies the nasal tip by adjusting cartilage orientation.

Nostril Reduction: Correcting flared or wide nostrils involves altering the size, symmetry, and length of nostril sidewalls.

Septorhinoplasty (Septoplasty): This surgical procedure realigns a deviated septum, the cartilage wall between the two nostrils.

Hump Reduction: Removal of any extra bone or cartilage forming a protruding bump along the nose.

Nasal Bridge Augmentation: Plumping up a thin or wide nose using tissues grafted from another location or gel-like silicone injections.

Columella Hang Reduction: Trimming a hanging columella that appears longer than the nostrils and lifting the septum.

Step 3: Skin Reattachment

Upon achieving the desired nasal shape, the skin layers may be reshaped if necessary and carefully reattached to the nose. Sutures are used to close the incisions, and patients are then moved to an observation room for recovery.
This comprehensive procedure is standard practice at our leading rhinoplasty clinic in Mumbai. For additional details about the procedure and personalised guidance, our expert nose surgeons in Mumbai are available to provide thorough information well before your scheduled rhinoplasty.

What happens after Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery?

The removal of internal dressings and splints occurs within the next seven days after your incisions have healed and swelling has diminished. It’s common to experience some bleeding and fluid drainage during this period. To manage bleeding, it’s advised to sleep with your head elevated above heart level. Activities requiring straining, including excessive laughing or speaking, should be avoided for a few weeks. Medications can be taken for smooth bowel movements.

Nose surgery
Beautify your nose with Rhinoplasty procedure at Royal Cosmognathic

For optimal recovery and outstanding results from your rhinoplasty. Our Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Mumbai will schedule follow-up appointments and monitor your progress at every stage. This attentive approach ensures a swift and successful recovery. At our premier Rhinoplasty Clinic in Mumbai, your well-being is our priority. Beyond rhinoplasty, our team is equipped to address various health concerns, including Jaw surgery and  Mouth Cancer Treatment in Mumbai. Trust our expert to guide you through a seamless recovery process, providing personalised care for your overall health and satisfaction.

How much does a Nose Job Surgery cost in India?

Since a nose job is a completely personalised procedure that requires different approaches to achieve the desired results, your rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai will vary depending on various factors involved. Some of the common factors that will drive the ideal nose surgery price in Mumbai include:

  1. The qualifications and experience of the cosmetic surgeon
  2. The extent of repair your nose needs
  3. The basic clinical fees and the cost of anesthetics
  4. The follow-ups or revision surgeries involved

Remember that the outcome of your nose job is majorly influenced by your surgeon’s experience in performing this procedure. At Royal Cosmognathic Clinic, you can get advanced nose job surgery starting at Rs. 1,50,000/-.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I See My Nose Job Results?
Every human body heals at a unique rate depending on various factors, so the exact time of your full recovery cannot be specified. The results become more apparent as the nose heals and the swelling subsides. This can take anywhere between one to three months. Even if the incisions are made outside, they will be placed along the nasal skin folds, so you won’t have to worry about visible scars.

Is Nose Job Surgery Safe?
Since your nose job in Mumbai will involve thorough planning, the procedure is carried out safely and with minimum risks. It is a widely performed procedure that is performed only by trained plastic or cosmetic surgeons, which makes the process more reassuring. However, if the surgeon suspects any specific risks in your case due to your health or other factors, you will be made aware of them well before the surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Nose Job?
Unlike other facial surgeries, the results of your nose job can last forever without any maintenance work. Provided that you had your nose job after your nose was fully developed, the changes made to it will remain until you grow much older. The biggest benefit of getting a nose job is that it is the only cosmetic procedure that also fixes medical problems like breathing difficulty, snoring, and sleep apnea by repositioning the nasal structure. Hence, you get a well-functioning nose at the same nose job cost in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions