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Rhinoplasty – 5 Factors that decide your surgery

rhinoplasty nose surgery

Rhinoplasty – 5 Factors that decide your surgery

As your nose continues to grow until adulthood, it can develop mild to severe distortions that make you look weird. Even if the distortion does not cause any medical issues, it has a mental effect on your social life and self-image. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a safe solution to treat nose deformities with no visible scarring and life-long results. And considering the increasing number of clinics offering rhinoplasty in Mumbai, it has also become easily accessible and affordable for all. As a surgeon, Maxillofacial doctors look at the aesthetics of the complete face. Beauty lies in the balance of all the facial structures and not an ideal configuration. Rhinoplasty surgery enhances facial harmony and balances proportions of your nose.

Nose surgery aims to reshape the nose as required to achieve the results:

Many of these corrections also rectify breathing issues as a byproduct. However, rhinoplasty is not approved for everyone. There are certain physical and mental contraindications that can prevent you from getting a nose job. The twinkle in your eye or the eye bags? Sharp healthy nose or a big hump? Cleaning glistering teeth or crooked patchy teeth? If any of your answers were latter, then this article should make sense to you. 90% of the untouched noses would have a slight deviation or a small hump. These may also have downturned tip or a fat tip.  Most often these slight variations do not bother an individual’s face. But if it bothers you then you should checked it.  

Rhinoplasty nose surgery

Correct a deviated septum or nasal cartilage bone that separates the two nostrils.

To smoothen out a dumpy or bulge nose from the forehead to its tip.

Work towards reshaping only the tip to align it with the rest of the nose.

To make a broad nasal structure narrow and lean or reshape flared nostrils.

To make a tall nose pointer or sharper at the tip.

Factors that affect you from having Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Physical Health:

No matter how minimally invasive, a nose job is a surgery that can involve certain risks caused by chronic health factors. For example, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or bleeding disorders may not be approved for this surgery.

Psychological Health:

It is a body-altering procedure with permanent results, so knowing if you are mentally prepared to live with a changed nose is crucial. Here, the surgery may conduct different consultations and tests to confirm that you are making this decision at your sole discretion and without an external influence, like peer pressure, celebrity influence, or relationship problems.

Facial Growth:

Typically, our facial structure keeping evolving till we reach adulthood, so having a nose reshaping surgery in Mumbai or any other city will not offer permanent results. Hence, rhinoplasty candidates need to at least 18 years old or above, depending on the doctor’s prediction of your facial growth.


In most cases, people who are heavy smokers, alcoholics, or who follow an unhealthy diet routine can be rejected for this and several other cosmetic procedures. The results of a nose job rely on prompt recovery, and these habits hamper the recovery procedure by slowing down your healing mechanism.

Surgical Expectations:

During your consultation, the doctor will patiently listen to your expectations from a rhinoplasty in Mumbai and explain what it can and cannot achieve. Unless your expectations align with the outcome of surgery, you will not be allowed to have the surgery.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Royal Cosmognathic also offer a series of ‘before and after photos and treatment videos to give you a clearer idea of how the results look. And only he can decide if you are a good candidate for cosmetic treatment. If you wish to get the best nose job in Mumbai, book an appointment to consult our specialist surgeon today.

Who can opt for a Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, nasal surgeries are the most popular treatment among models, actors, and other artists involved in show business who need a sharp and bold look. Despite the fact that they are intended for sculpting, they help to improve appearance, provide relief from nasal injury, and improve breathing. The surgeon will give you a personalised list of precautions to follow for at least a week before the procedure. These usually include medical or lifestyle-related factors such as avoiding painkillers, smoking cigarettes, drinking, and changes in diet, among other things. Your consultation charges will be approximately Rs. 1,500/- when you first visit our surgeon at the Royal Cosmognathic Clinic.



Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures available after smile correction. The treatment can improve both cosmetic and functional issues you may be having, addressing breathing problems and/or nasal shape, size, and symmetry.

Based on the findings, a treatment procedure date is selected and preferable to be performed under general anesthesia. The plasters are removed after 6 days and the swelling keeps reducing continuously for 12 months.