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rhinoplasty nose surgery

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

As the nose undergoes continuous growth until adulthood, it may develop mild to severe distortions, impacting one’s appearance. Even if these distortions pose no medical issues, they can significantly affect one’s social life and self-image. Opting for rhinoplasty, or a nose job, provides a safe solution to address these deformities with no visible scarring and lifelong results. The increasing availability of rhinoplasty clinics in Mumbai makes this corrective procedure easily accessible and affordable for all. If you are considering rhinoplasty, explore options at a reputable rhinoplasty clinic in Mumbai. Maxillofacial doctors, as skilled surgeons, prioritize the aesthetics of the complete face. They understand that beauty lies in the balance of all facial structures rather than adhering to an ideal configuration. Rhinoplasty surgery, performed by experienced professionals, not only enhances facial harmony but also balances the proportions of your nose.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical process of correcting the nose. Many people with a prominent or crooked nose feel self-conscious about their appearance. They consider getting a rhinoplasty to correct the deviated septum, ridged or hooked nose, bump, or any unusual aspects of nose. In general, there are two types of surgeons that can perform this procedure: plastic surgeons and oral maxillofacial surgeons. The main difference is that maxillofacial surgeons have more training in specific procedures that deal with the bones, soft tissue and nerves of the face and jaw area. Here’s everything you need to know about a rhinoplasty procedure!

Nose surgery aims to reshape the nose as required to achieve the results:

Many of these corrections also rectify breathing issues as a byproduct. However, rhinoplasty is not approved for everyone. There are certain physical and mental contraindications that can prevent you from getting a nose job. The twinkle in your eye or the eye bags? Sharp healthy nose or a big hump? Cleaning glistering teeth or crooked patchy teeth? If any of your answers were latter, then this article should make sense to you. 90% of the untouched noses would have a slight deviation or a small hump. These may also have downturned tip or a fat tip.  Most often these slight variations do not bother an individual’s face. But if it bothers you then you should checked it.  


Correct a deviated septum or nasal cartilage bone that separates the two nostrils.

To smoothen out a dumpy or bulge nose from the forehead to its tip.

Work towards reshaping only the tip to align it with the rest of the nose.

To make a broad nasal structure narrow and lean or reshape flared nostrils.

To make a tall nose pointer or sharper at the tip.

Factors that affect you from having Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Physical Health:

No matter how minimally invasive, a nose job is a surgery that can involve certain risks caused by chronic health factors. For example, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or bleeding disorders may not be approved for this surgery.

Psychological Health:

It is a body-altering procedure with permanent results, so knowing if you are mentally prepared to live with a changed nose is crucial. Here, the surgery may conduct different consultations and tests to confirm that you are making this decision at your sole discretion and without an external influence, like peer pressure, celebrity influence, or relationship problems.

Facial Growth:

Typically, our facial structure keeping evolving till we reach adulthood, so having a nose surgery in mumbai or any other city will not offer permanent results. Hence, rhinoplasty candidates need to at least 18 years old or above, depending on the doctor’s prediction of your facial growth.


In most cases, people who are heavy smokers, alcoholics, or who follow an unhealthy diet routine can be rejected for this and several other cosmetic procedures. The results of a nose job rely on prompt recovery, and these habits hamper the recovery procedure by slowing down your healing mechanism.

Surgical Expectations:

During your consultation, the doctor will patiently listen to your expectations from a rhinoplasty in Mumbai and explain what it can and cannot achieve. Unless your expectations align with the outcome of surgery, you will not be allowed to have the surgery.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Royal Cosmognathic also offer a series of ‘before and after photos and treatment videos to give you a clearer idea of how the results look. And only he can decide if you are a good candidate for cosmetic treatment. If you wish to get the best nose job in Mumbai, book an appointment to consult our specialist surgeon today.

How is a Rhinoplasty nose surgery performed?

The most common procedures used to correct a crooked nose are the closed method (also known as ‘endoscopic rhinoplasty’) and the open method. The closed rhinoplasty is typically used to treat mild cases. This method involves a surgeon making incisions inside the nose and removing the excess tissue that causes a crooked or deformed nose. The open rhinoplasty method is used in more severe cases. And also with patients that need general anesthesia. This method involves a surgeon making incisions near the bridge of the nose and inside the nostrils (where the inside of the nose meets the septum or wall inside the nose). Or through a small external cut (incision). At the base of your nose, between your nostrils. Your surgeon will likely readjust the bone and cartilage underneath your skin.

Do you notice the nose while you smile through teeth?

The twinkle in your eye or the eye bags? Sharp healthy nose or a big hump? Cleaning glistering teeth or crooked patchy teeth? If any of your answers were latter, then this article should make sense to you. 90% of the untouched noses would have a slight deviation or a small hump. These may also have downturned tip or a fat tip.  Most often these slight variations do not bother an individual’s face. But if it bothers you then you should checked it.  

After an external and internal nasal examination, the surgeon will come up with a treatment plan and alternate for you as per your preferences. The surgeon then classifies the nose on the basis of work required.  

Level I 

This is a typical type which requires minor corrections including hump reduction, narrowing of it and minimal tip refinement for better face. 

Level II 

Level 2 is a slightly more complicated case with more nasal deviation or obstruction. The tip moves with smile and the tip requires refinement and also grafting. These are about 4-5 % in private practice.  

Level III 

This is the most complex type, which may require additional grafting procedures and suturing techniques. These constitute in about 1 percent of the population.  

Who can opt for a Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Mumbai?

Nasal surgeries have gained immense popularity in Mumbai, particularly among models, actors, and individuals in the show business industry aiming for a sharp and bold aesthetic. Beyond the realm of sculpting for aesthetics, these surgeries offer improvements in appearance, relief from nasal injuries, and enhanced breathing. Individuals considering this procedure typically include those seeking a refined look and those recovering from nasal injuries. The surgeon will provide you with a personalized list of precautions to adhere to for at least a week before the Nose Surgery in Mumbai. These guidelines cover medical and lifestyle factors, such as abstaining from painkillers, smoking, drinking, and dietary adjustments, among others. Plan your initial visit to our esteemed surgeon at the Royal Cosmognathic Clinic, where consultation charges are approximately Rs. 1,500/-. Take the first step towards achieving the nose you desire and improving both appearance and functionality with Nose Surgery in Mumbai.

 Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Mumbai

Benefits to having an Oral surgeon perform Rhinoplasty

If a plastic surgeon recommends you see a maxillofacial surgeon for your rhinoplasty, it’s important to know why. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a plastic surgeon perform your rhinoplasty. There are reasons to consider having a maxillofacial surgeon instead. 

More experience with serious nose deformities – Maxillofacial surgeons have more experience working with serious deformities. This includes facial injuries, infections, trauma and other conditions that may require more complex repairs.

More experience fixing complex nose deformities – Some complex deformities, such as scarring. Nerve damage and infections can be difficult for plastic surgeons to deal with. If your nose has a very complicated deformity, a maxillofacial surgeon may be the better choice to repair it. Better knowledge of facial anatomy 

They trained in facial anatomy and how each structure affects the others. Having a doctor that understands these connections is important when dealing with complex deformities. Rhinoplasty stands as a highly sought-after facial plastic surgery, second only to smile correction. This procedure not only enhances your cosmetic appeal but also addresses functional concerns, encompassing issues related to breathing and the overall structure, size, and symmetry of your nose. Once the necessary assessments are made, a treatment procedure date is chosen, with a preference for performing the surgery under general anesthesia. Following the procedure, the plasters are typically removed after 6 days, and over the next 12 months, a gradual reduction in swelling is observed.

For personalized and expert rhinoplasty procedures, consider consulting a reputable rhinoplasty clinic in Mumbai. They can guide you through the process, ensuring both cosmetic enhancement and functional improvements to your satisfaction.