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About Us

Royal Cosmognathic is formed by the multi-disciplinary team of specialists treating all the alterations affecting the face and mouth areas.


In the maxillofacial area, our surgical team is led by Dr Chirag Chamria, who is in charge of all the advanced procedures. In the department of advanced implantology, Dr Chirag Chamria deals with the most complex and complicated cases of implants with lack of bone, or multiple failures.

In our centre, the expertise of the team is complemented by the cutting-edge technologies, that allow a rapid and efficient design and implementation of every treatment.


About Our Clinic


Advances Solution to Missing Teeth

Facial Transformation Surgery

Extraoral prosthesis

Are you Suspecting Jaw Cancer

cleft surgery

Choose a Treatment

Orthognathic Surgery

Get Your Jaw Aligned To Give Chewing Comfort & Facial Appearance.

Advanced Implantology

Now Replace Missing Teeth In less Or No Bone With Fixed Teeth In Just 1 Day.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Get Complete Facial Rehabilitation With PRP, PRF & Nano Fat.

Dental Cosmetics

Beautification & Straightening Of Teeth in One Day With SAPT technology.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Get Your Cancer Affected Jaw Rehabilitation In One Day At Royal Cosmognathic With 3D Printing & CAD CAM Technology

Head & Neck Surgery

Explore the latest science, techniques, and procedure videos about head and neck surgery.


Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 7:00pm.

We offer video consultation for patients but prefer to have in-suite consultations. This way you would be able to actually meet

Dr. Chamria and get to know him better before deciding for the treatment.

Consult our patient coordinator for further details on appointments and video consultations.


How To Get Here

Royal Cosmognathic is located within the Royal Health Care facility in Mumbai. You have several options to get here.




If you are in doubt, you can ask our patient coordinator for instructions from your place of accommodation.

International Coordinator

Our team will welcome you in our Royal Cosmognathic Centre. With long experience in international and HNI patients you will be assigned a dedicated coordinator. This will ensure that your stay is pleasant with us, dealing with aspects such as :

– Transportation

– Accommodation

– Translation

– Payment Options

Do not hesitate in contacting our team at  [email protected] if you need further information on any of the treatments.

Mr Prakash, has been our patient for over 30+ years. Mr Jain was treated with our exclusive One Day Treatment with prosthesis of Royal.HIPC. As Mr Jain states “It is possible only with Royal”.
Mr. Prakash Jain Redwing Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)
Mr. Patel came to India from the United Kingdom and was pressed for time. Our expert Doctors and class leading equipments helped treat Mr. Patel in just a few hours, which was the need of the hour. Mr. Patel was happy that he was so well looked after. Modern dentistry with gentle care is our motto at Royal.
Mr. Ashok Patel
All my life I never gave much attention to my teeth but only after my treatment from Royal I realized what was I missing. I became more confident and happy.
Ankit Jain Management Student

Facts you need to know Ahead

From a patient perspective, Oral surgeries should be approached in the same way as any other surgery. We have just scratched the surface of all the things we can do to provide our patients with a better, more comfortable dental experience. In our office, new ideas from the team and the patients are welcome, seriously considered, and often implemented.



We have the most advanced Dental Tools and Equipments sourced from all across the World.



Our Team Comprises of Highly Trained and Experienced Surgeons.



Your Safety is Guaranteed In Our Hands



At Royal Dental you will experience 5-star hospitality and care with One Day Treatments.

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Dr. Chirag Chamria

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Chirag completed his MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Su

Dr. Arun Chamria

Dental Implant

Royal Dental Clinics, founded in Mumbai by Dr. Arun Cha

Smile Years

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Smiles restored with Zygomatic Implants

Tooth Restored on Cancer Affected Jaw