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Trust Your Safety for your Dental Visit

Dental and Maxillofacial services along with the entire healthcare fraternity; has drastically changed due to the shock from Covid-19 pandemic. The dental surgeons are at a high risk during any dental treatment due to the possible transmission of virus through aerosol. A dentist comes in close contact with the patient’s oral cavity, blood and saliva with almost 16 inches close. It is important to maintain safe distances, but at the same time distance is not possible during a treatment. Thus taking precautions such as wearing masks, face shield, gloves, head and eye gears to cover oneself is of crucial importance during your dental visit.

During these challenging times; we have been able to offer virtual maxillofacial consultations and prescriptions. In light of COVID-19, we have made it our number one priority to reduce any physical contact between administration and patients to protect the safety of all patients and our members of staff. Stringent measures have been put in place to prevent sustained transmission of COVID-19.

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Don’t Quarantine from a Perfect Smile, go for your dental visit!

Look out for dentists who have advanced techniques to complete most dental procedures including consulting and final restorations; on the same day. This way you will limit your travel and touch points and also get your treatment sorted in a day rather than a few weeks. Following procedures if adapted in every dental clinic in this present Covid-19 pandemic scenario, may help to keep safe:

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Visit Dentist during COVID-19 Pandemic

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