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Zygomatic Implants over Traditional Dental

What Are Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic Implants over Traditional Dental

Zygomatic implants are a distinguished type of implantology. This method is probably the most recent improvement in embedded dentistry. In the event that you are dismissed for customary dental inserts, zygomatic implants could be the answer for you. Cheekbone implants are a genuine option for patients for whom traditional dental implants are unsatisfactory. This is as a rule, because of an absence of bone in the upper jaw. Rather than setting the titanium implants in the jaw bone, longer zygoma inserts are attached to the cheekbone. Numerous patients with noteworthy bone loss favour this technique as it abstains from grafting and sinus lift procedures to create a shorter and more comfortable treatment option. 

Here at Royal Dental, our Implant specialist Dr. Chirag Chamria is one of the very few Dental Surgeons in India, who can offer this service of Zygomatic Implants.

Zygomatic Dental Implant

Why choose Zygomatic Implants?

If you have been turned away by another dentist for traditional dental implants, then zygomatic implants might offer some hope. According to Richard Brookshaw, zygomatic implants are “an ideal alternative to traditional dentures and a less traumatic and more predictable alternative to complicated bone graft procedures.” They are attached to the area of the jawbone close to the zygomatic bone. The longer implant is placed from inside the mouth, and it goes through or right next to the sinus and anchors into the zygomatic bone. We can now immediately load zygomatic implants with fixed teeth.

The success and comfort of zygomatic implants can be much higher than the convention removable alternate. Also in cases of bone loss zygomatic options maybe the only way to restore a smile with fixed teeth.

Dr Chirag Chamria

What are Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic implants were first introduced in 1988 as an alternative to traditional dental implants. This is a very intricate procedure in which implants can be placed in the cheekbone instead of the jaw. Zygomatic implants may be used for various reasons, but most commonly because of a lack of bone in the jaw. This is a preferred method as complex bone-grafting procedures can be avoided and also, Zygoma Implants last longer than traditional implants. With zygomatic implants, our patients at Royal Dental Clinics, can walk out with fixed teeth in just one day with one surgical procedure, whereas if implants have to be placed in the graft approach, it can take up to one and a half years with repeated procedures to finalise the treatment.

Dr Chirag Chamria

Benefits of Zygomatic Dental Implant

There are many benefits for choosing cheekbone implants, some of which include:

  • Less invasive than traditional Implants or the sinus lift operations.
  • Same Day Treatment with Fixed Teeth
  • Natural Looking, Permanent and More Durable
  • More comfortable for patients
  • Best solution for severe dental bone loss
  • Excellent stability while eating or talking

Zygomatic Implants are attached to the cheekbone?

These implants are named for the bone that they are embedded into. All the more explicitly, zygomatic implants are embedded into the cheekbone bone, known as the zygoma. Contrasted with the maxillary bone, the zygomatic bone is a lot denser and gives a strong anchor to highlight the implant. 

Can you have dental implant in severe bone loss?

Bone resorption along with lower bone quality often makes it impossible to place dental implants in the posterior maxilla. Zygoma implants are then advised to such patients wherein the implant is anchored into the zygoma bone rather than the maxilla.

What type of surgery is involved?

A single, minimally invasive surgery is needed for the insertion of the MDI mini implants. They have then put into immediate biting or “loading” function thanks to their “self-tapping” design, thereby anchoring a fixed bridge system. As a result, it is often possible to provide complete mini implant services in a single office visit. Mini dental implants clearly represent an enormous breakthrough for the dental implant specialty as the most patient-friendly, cost-effective, proven implant system available today.


We at Royal Dental Clinics prefer Zygoma implant as we have noticed in several cases that after zygomatic treatment the improvement in quality of life for the patient is dramatic. Before the treatment, these patients are orally handicapped, which can lead to a lot of psychological, social and functional problems. Dr. Chirag Chamria mentions that, “In my experience, after the treatment quality of life can return to normal. It’s remarkable”.

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