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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic SurgeryOrthognathic Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery is carried out to reposition your jaw, often to correct an imbalance between the upper and lower jaw. The term derives from the early Greek “ortho” (straighten) and the Latin “gnathia” (jaw).

There are medical conditions which will benefit, the problem can be related to facial trauma, or issues such as a cleft palate. In most cases however, orthognathic surgery is not essential.

The objectives are a better bite and enhanced facial appearance. Correcting jaw discrepancies helps to balance the shape of the face, a factor to be carefully analysed, alongside medical aspects.

Diagnosis of Jaw Aligment

It is provided by a maxillofacial consultant, experienced in orthognathic surgery at Royal Dental Clinic. They carry out a physical examination, review any related medical needs and discuss options in detail with you.

As part of this, planning can include using models, x-rays, or computer analysis. An orthodontist may become involved in treatment planning, as orthodontic care often forms stages within your treatment.

Orthognathic surgery is normally used where orthodontics alone can not correct your bite. Because the asymmetry, commonly the variation in size between your upper and lower jaw is too great.

The Benefits Of Orthognathic Surgery:

  • Your bite will be improved, a practical, social and in a way, medical advantage. You will look different, how much depends on the original problem, although your features should be in proportion, a natural facial appearance.
  • You will achieving that look in full after surgery, a complete and pleasant transformation will be visible.
  • The vast majority of our patients are delighted with the results of orthognathic surgery.

If orthognathic surgery is indicated for you, our expert Dental Experts will work with you and provide the most effective, long lasting and result oriented treatment plan. Orthognathic surgery will correct the position of the jaws and improve facial appearance and smile for optimal aesthetic and functional results.

Most of all, Royal Dental Clinics is dedicated to patient welfare. Whether it’s an injury, congenital defect or diseases of the face, jaws or mouth, you can count on an Royal Dental Clinics to provide a high standard of care.