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Royal Cosmognathic consists of a leading multi-disciplinary team of specialists for Zygomatic Implants, Nose surgery, Facelift surgery, etc. The services consists of Jaw alignment, Zygomatic Dental Implant, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery, Cancer affected Jaw Teeth.

Royal Cosmognathics is revolutionizing the treatment of mouth cancer with its innovative solutions. Led by Dr. Chirag Chamria, the team uses cone beam computerized technology (CBCT) to carry out 3D scans of the cancer-treated jaw and surrounding structures for accurate surgical planning. The Institute is addressing a growing concern in India, where 30% of all cancers in the country are from the head and neck region, largely due to the widespread use of tobacco, betel nut, and paan, as well as smoking and alcohol abuse.


Oral cancer can be successfully treated in its early stages, but the patient’s quality of life can be affected due to jaw removal. The Institute’s precise services treatment planning and advanced technologies, such as surgical guides, stents, and the PEEK Framework, are helping to restore the lost jaw and complete mouth restoration. In cases of recurrent oral cancer, the institute’s team uses a special workaround.

Lower Jaw Protrusion

Jaw Alignment Surgery

Zygomatic Implant

Advanced Implantology

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery


Cancer Affected Jaw Teeth

Cancer Affected Jaw teeth
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