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Get the corrections for jaw discrepancies with the most advanced facial transformation surgery technology.

Don’t quarantine from the perfect smile, rather bridge the same and get the twinkle from your experts.

Get same day graftless solution to missing teeth.

Why should you be reminded of your cancer after surgery. Get the best in class solutions for the rehabilitation of your jaw cancer.

Get comfortable corrections with Cosmognathic solutions to antiaging and ARP solutions. To know more about ARP, read below.

Our inhouse maxillofacial surgeons are best suited to treat your head and neck surgery needs. Get your consultation done today for traumatology or pathology.

Cancer Affected Jaw

Dry Mouth

Tooth Decay

Oral Infection

Jaw Pain

Mouth Sores

Stiff Jaw


    About Cosmognathic

    Royal Cosmognathic is formed by the multi-disciplinary team of specialists treating all the alterations affecting the face and mouth areas.

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