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Aesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry

Your guide to Aesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry

Are your God-given teeth not exactly ideal? Have you lost teeth as the years progressed? Is it true that they are rotting seriously? Do they look uneven and give you an underbite or overbite? Do you wish to get an amazing smile that the celebrities have? At that point you should investigate cosmetic or corrective dentistry. Apparently, all dentistry is accomplished for feel or the beautification of your grin. Nonetheless, a few techniques are more about structure work than others. Style or the emotional nature of magnificence and structure is additionally secured by a specific dentistry type. Orthodontics, for instance, has tasteful advantages to it however teeth brightening or applying façade are more for style than putting on supports to address your bite.


What is Aesthetic or Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry, often practiced in Mumbai, goes beyond enhancing teeth to also focus on improving the aesthetics of gums and bite. This specialized field aims to enhance the overall shape of the mouth and the quality of one’s smile, with potential benefits extending to the functional aspects of teeth, such as bite structure and force. While cosmetic dentistry primarily centers on refining the appearance of teeth, unlike procedures like teeth whitening, functional improvements may naturally accompany aesthetic enhancements. Distinguished by specific characteristics, cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai sets itself apart from conventional dental, gingival, and oral practices, prioritizing the overall visual appeal and health of teeth, gums, and the entire oral cavity.

Focused on Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetic dentistry is generally centered around improving the shade, shape, size, position, and arrangement of the teeth just as the general appearance of your smile. This extends to solid gums that can be carefully changed to make a smile less gummy and jaw structure more defined. Some may contend that dental treatments without anything else can bring about better structure just as capacity, but some wish to avail of dentistry that’s strictly about teeth beautification.


Royal Cosmognathic Cosmetic Dentistry

Royal Cosmognathic has multiple methods to whiten your teeth and make them align perfectly, such that you’d end up with the best version of yourself. We offer various cosmetic and same day solutions to your dental problem, or even all-on-4 to all-on-8 dental implants. We can save dying teeth or extract teeth that are too diseased to allow for bridge or implant therapy. Royal Cosmognathic works with patients to support appropriate treatment, relieve pain, and get them smiling again. We have an established track record of success, when it comes to Implants In One Day, thanks to the use of the most advanced equipment and years of hands-on expereince. Our aim is to regain your gorgeous smile in just One Day.


So, Yes, it’s possible through the Royal Treatment to get a million-dollar smile. Does that sound too good to be true? Maybe, but it’s no false or a pipe dream! Get in touch with us and get that smile, in just One Day.

Enduring a Beautiful Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

“smile makeover” as we like to call it at Royal Dental Clinics, improves the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our team of Dental experts work with the patient to develop a treatment plan. In addition, technology that works seamlessly and an in-house Dental Lab, all contribute in processing most of the treatments in just One Day and the positive results are visible in just a few hours. With awareness in cosmetic dentistry and its benefits, these treatments are no longer limited to people belonging to the glamour industry, but many corporate employees and housewives are opting for these treatments more frequently.

Cosmetic Dentistry


What to expect from Cosmetic Dentistry?

Before your teeth are reshaped, they need to be in perfect condition. That’s why in the initial stages of most cosmetic dentistry procedures, your dentist will clean your teeth and perform a dental extraction if necessary. They may also use other procedures like teeth whitening, dental bonding, and dental veneers to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Once your teeth are in perfect condition, your dentist will reshape them so that their appearance is more in line with what you want. You can select from a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. These treatments reshape your teeth and make them whiter, smaller, or more attractive. Depending on the treatment you choose, you may need to have a combination of procedures done. You may also be able to get one treatment done in two or three steps.


Teeth Whitening | Cosmetic Dentistry

teeth whitening

If your teeth are stained or discolored, teeth whitening could help you achieve a beautiful smile. A dentist will apply a special gel to your teeth, followed by the application of a special light that will activate the gel. This will remove extrinsic stains from your teeth, such as stains from drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes. It will also be effective if you have intrinsic staining, which is caused by genetics and is significantly more difficult to remove.

The results of teeth whitening are immediate, but they aren’t permanent. Your teeth will return to their original color over time if you don’t maintain your whitened smile with the help of a dentist. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure for most people, but there are a few people who should avoid it. This includes people with braces, pregnant women, and people who have a medical condition that results in easily bleeding gums.

Teeth look Natural with Veneers

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are custom-made to fit over your teeth. They are a great way to make your teeth look whiter, boost the shape of your smile and correct minor dental issues like misaligned teeth. A dentist will first use a laser to etch the surface of your teeth to prepare for the veneers. 

Once the surface has been prepared, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth and send that impression to a lab where the veneers will be created. A dentist will then fit the veneers to your teeth with the help of a special adhesive. 

dental veneers cosmetic dentistry

Beautiful Smile with Dental Crowns

dental crown

Dental crowns are another way to replace a few teeth or an entire row. When one or more teeth have been damaged or decayed, a dental crown can be placed over the tooth or teeth to restore their function while also giving them a new, beautiful look. In some cases, dental crowns are placed on top of natural teeth. In other cases, they are placed on top of teeth that have been removed and a dental implant has been placed in the jawbone to act as a new tooth root.

A dental bridge can be used to repair a gap in your smile. The procedure is done by taking an impression of your teeth to create a model. Then, the model is sent to a dental lab where a resin material is used to create the new piece. The piece is then attached to your teeth with the help of a special type of adhesive.

Gaps in Teeth | Correct with Cosmetic Dentistry

Gaps or misaligned teeth are common complaint in the younger and middle age group. This may be due to abnormal biting forces or plaque accumulation and inadequate prevention at early age. If your teeth have gaps, you may undergo the treatment with braces or splinting, which may take about 1-2 years for correction. Even in such cases the colour and the shape of the tooth cannot be changed on the position can be altered. Our procedures provide natural looking and  aligned teeth in one day which adds confidence to your personality and charm to your smile. We use bridge, veneers or crowns over the natural teeth to give the aesthetic look. Teeth straightening can do some incredible things for your smile as well as spare you a difficult situation on the oral and generally wellbeing front.


gaps in teeth cosmetic dentistry

Crooked Front Teeth Correction

crooked teeth smile makeover

Crooked or misaligned teeth is common complaint in the younger age group. This may be due to inadequate prevention at an early age and multiple cavities in primary teeth. If your teeth are crooked, you may undergo the treatment with braces, which may take about 1-2 years for correction. Even in such cases the color and the shape of the tooth cannot be changed only the position can be altered. There is a good chance multiple teeth may have to be removed to create space. We help to save your natural teeth and provide crowns over the existing teeth. The natural teeth are usually shaved or contoured so that a cap can be placed on it. Royal Cosmognathic procedures provide natural looking and  aligned teeth in one day without removal of natural teeth. This helps add confidence to your personality and charm to your smile.



How do I choose the right Dental Clinic?

Ask them whom they have consulted in the past and whether the treatment they got was up to the mark or not. When you talk to the people who have already got the treatment from them, it will give you an insight on how to make the right choice. Make sure that you check the clinic and it needs to be well-equipped.

Why choose Cosmetic Dentistry with SAPTeeth?

Unlike corrective dentistry, cosmetic dentistry does not focus on fixing health problems like missing teeth and cavities. Instead, cosmetic dentistry treats teeth to make them look better, often using restorative and cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, SAPTeeth crowns, and veneers. If You may choose to get cosmetic dentistry for a variety of reasons.


Things to consider before choosing Cosmetic Dentistry

Before booking an appointment for cosmetic dentistry, be sure to consider your financial situation as well as any health conditions you may have. Be honest with your dentist about any medications you’re taking, whether prescription or over-the-counter, as these may affect the dental treatment that is done. If you’re planning on getting dental implants, you should know that these do not always work.


Smiling is a pivotal part of life, not only does it make first impression last long, but it also is a way to express our emotions and build relations. With the advent of modern technology and experienced dentist in Mumbai such as Dr. Chirag Chamria; it is now easier to get the desired beautiful smile results. However, with such vast amount of information and options available, it can be a difficult task to choose the best dentist near me or the best dentist in Mumbai. A consultation with one of the Cosmetic Dentistry in Mumbai is Dr. Chirag Chamria.