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Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Planning your 1st visit

Making an appointment:

You can contact our office through WhatsApp or Phone on +91 99820446633 or email on [email protected] or with the form below.

When you decide to schedule an appointment over the phone, here are the questions you can expect to be asked:

  • Your medical history & information
  • Your approximate suitable dates
  • Your essential contact information

What is the consultation procedure like:

  • At the time of very first appointment, please assist us with the following:
    • Any relevant medical history or file
    • Any imaging studies or x rays
  • The concerned doctor shall make a case history for you and also understand the problems you are facing.
  • After which you may be required to undergo further testing for an accurate diagnosis.
  • After the diagnosis, a treatment plan with options and estimate shall be discussed with you. Once you are ready for the treatment, procedure begins based on the timelines.

What investigations would I require?

  • Based on the recommendations of the doctor the investigations are mainly blood investigations and radiological studies.

How can I pay for the consultation?

  • For your convenience we accept cash payment in INR or USD, or a bank transfer can be done. The details of which are available with the patient coordinator or the receptionist.

What if I do not speak English or Hindi?

  • If you do not speak English or Hindi, we can arrange for a translator at no additional cost. The only requirement is that you mention the same during the appointment booking.

What if I have more concerns?

  • All your administrative concerns can be addressed to the patient coordinator and for any treatment related concerns, Dr Chirag Chamria and his team would be more than happy to assist. You can also avail of the video consultation facility.

The 1st Video Consultation

What is video consultation:

  • Video consultation is a service offered by Royal Cosmognathic to those patients who live abroad or far from our centre, or who cannot come physically to our facility for a consultation.

What documentations do I need to send before a video consultation?

  • All relevant medical history
  • A list of medications you are taking
  • A list of concerns or questions
  • Any imaging studies
  • Pictures – front view and side view, intra oral photos
  • Any other doctor’s prescription you have.

Why do you need all of these records?

  • These are the requirements of Dr Chirag Chamria in order to evaluate your case properly and be able to develop a personalised treatment plan for you.

How do I pay for the video consultation?

  • For your convenience, we accept bank transfers. Once we have received your payment the patient coordinator will confirm the appointment time.

What is the difference between the in-suite consultation and video consultation?

  • An in suite consultation is the preferred option, as it makes possible getting to know Dr Chirag Chamria personally and it also entails undergoing all necessary tests almost immediately. The video consultation is only an alterative provided for international patients for whom travelling for consultation may be problematic.

Can I receive a quote for my treatment over the phone or/via video conferencing?

  • As per our company’s policy we can share the quotation file via email which is usually password protected.

Medical Procedure

Who will manage the bookings with the hospital and anaesthetist?

  • Our patient coordinator will manage all the bookings necessary on your behalf. After the discharge, you will be issued the necessary bills.

Is it compulsory to visit Dr Chirag Chamria for followup appointments?

  • Yes it is necessary to visit for follow up in order to evaluate the evolution of the post operative periods and to ensure the healing process is progressing well.