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Lower Jaw Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic SurgeryLower Jaw Orthognathic Surgery
Lower Jaw Surgery

Lower Jaw Orthognathic Surgery

The robustness or the softness of the chin and the angle of the mouth give the impression of the masculinity or femininity of the face. The correction of these is the lower jaw orthognathic surgery. You may be a candidate for lower jaw surgery if you have the following:

  • Large or small lower jaw
  • Weak chin
  • Large angle of mouth
  • Concave facial profile
  • Disharmony in the facial asymmetry

What should you know before Lower Jaw Surgery?

Traditionally, the teeth were aligned using wires and braces before the jaw alignment was done. This process used to take around 6 to 12 months of time. Then after the surgery another round of wires and braces are done. Therefore the total time duration would be more than two years. If your need is urgent then modern methods of treatment can be employed. With the use of inhouse CAD CAM, 3D X-Rays and 3D Printing the treatment can be planned more accurately.

Surgical Experience

After the complete treatment planning and the implant fabrication is done, a suitable date for surgery is fixed. You would be required to reach either in the morning or a day prior. Before the start of the surgery, the concerned doctors will administer medications which will help you sleep and relax. All the surgery is performed from inside the mouth. As the surgery is from inside the mouth no scars are visible from the outside. The jaw is then realigned into the desired position and fixed. Only after a few minutes would you wake up from the surgery. It is common to be drowsy after the procedure. Swelling and discomfort will increase on the day of surgery, which will then reduce. As the results are obscured by swelling it may be take few weeks before you can appreciate the final work.

When will Lower Jaw Surgery not be enough?

To create a desirable facial proportion, many a times both the upper and lower jaw may need to be corrected. To get a more profound and natural return the balance between the jaws and the face is required.

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